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  1. kracken29 said: nickandmore reported this morning that they’ll only be showing 1 episode friday night and the rest of the book will be put on hiatus indefinitely. Nick’s keeping quiet about the whole thing & not responding to questions about it on Twitter.
  2. disgruntledturtle said: Sudden hiatus basically


First the issue with the time slot, then they can’t figure out a release date, then the spanish leaks, then they just jump right into the season with barely no marketing for it AND the decide to show two eps a week and rush through the season still with no exposure or marketing, and now THIS?!

How much more can Nick fuck LoK over? It’s probably one of the best and most lucrative shows the network ever had and this is the respect they have for it?!

Still… Until I see this confirmed by Nick or Bryke I’m going to keep an open mind. For all we know it might be a misunderstanding and we could be getting heated for no reason.

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