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Why are all these bloody children tagging their hate? WHAT’S THE GODDAMN POINT? Why are you fighting over which fictional character looks best with another? How is that going to affect your life in the slightest other than making you look like a douchebag?
Stop ruining things for everyone else - don’t like a ship? Fine, then don’t go in the tag. Want to express a negative opinion? It’s your right but don’t fucking tag your hate. Show others the respect you’d like to be shown as well or else you are not entitled to complain if they lash back at you.
How about making some some constructive use of your time and appreciate the fandom as a whole? Why not stop trying to attack people for liking something different and just be grateful that your ship is actually active and full of love?
Stop being little brats and let everyone be happy with what they like. Is it so hard to be a decent human being and just focus on what you like rather than wasting time on hate?



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#ahhhhhh #I love their relationship #I love how so many of the relationships in this movie are supportive and empowering and built on love #the whole concepts of the jaegers is built on love #the whole concept of humanity working together is built on love #this movie is about love #THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT LOVE #in all its forms #clean and messy #professional and personal #and this right here is the best father- daughter relationship I have seen in a movie in recent memory #it’s like Lee & Clem #so much like Lee & Clem #AHHHHHHH *flips table* #oh and notice how she’s still very much in touch with her culture? #HE NURTURED HER CULTURE #HE FUCKING NURTURED HER CULTURE #WHILE HE WAS BUSY SAVING THE GODDAMNED WORLD #AND RAISING HER #AND TEACHING HER TO BE A FUCKING BADASS #HE MADE SURE SHE WAS FLUENT IN HER NATIVE CULTURE AS WELL AS IN HER ADOPTIVE ONE #I CAN’T TAKE THIS #I CAN’T #TOO MANY FEELS

Yes, yes, yes, YES! ALL THIS! ^^^^

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