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My sister and I took a break from helping our parents with their work (loading the truck with antiques and fixing said antiques) and I sat on a chair and she sat over my legs. Here is the ensuing OTP-related dialogue.
Me: “Hey! What do you think I am? A chair?”
Sister: “Nah, shut up and let me be. ”
Me: *bounces her on my legs to try to get her off me*
Sister: “Hey! Don’t make this look like a porno!”
Me: “Pfffttt… If it’s a porno, who are we?”
Sister: “Hmm… Aren’t you supposed to be Christa and I’m Ymir? Our roles are reversed.”
Me: “Then how about I’m Gamagoori and you’re Mako? ‘Cause I’m big?”
Sister: “But I’m taller and I don’t want to be Mako, I want to be Satsuki.”
Me: “Er, no.”
Sister: “Ok, ok. Same as always- you’re Noatak and I’m Korra.”
Me:” That works.”
Sister: “Oh no, wait! I’m Levi and you’re Erwin!”
Me: “But your brows are bushier than mine! And you’re taller.”
Sister: “I’m also lighter and will hit you for any little thing.”
Me: “….Fine, you’re Levi.”
Sister: “Speaking of which, I saw this thing on SnK dick sizes…”
Me: “The colossal and armored titans condoms?” *laughs*
Sister: “Nah, size comparison butt plugs.” *wiggles brows*
Me: “Oh…. Ew?”
Sister: “Why does everyone assume Erwin has the biggest dick?”
Me: “I don’t know, the whole fandom just kind of unanimously agrees that he’s well endowed.”
Sister: “Poor Levi.”
Me: *laughs and readjusts legs slightly apart while she still sits on me*
Sister: “Hey! That’s uncomfortable, close your legs!”
Me: “Can’t, Levi. My big dick is in the way.”
Both: *raucous laughter*
Mom: *stares in mild shock*

Well, yesterday was the shittiest day ever but I finally managed to sleep a bit, work will be hell this weekend but at least the deadline thesis stuff is almost over, stepdad goes in for surgery on Tuesday (to remove an intestinal tumor the size of a golf ball) but at least all these months of watching his pain and letting him take out his frustration on us are finally close to over too.
Great thing happened though- I got another Amorralok anon request from that person I adore and it will be fun.

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