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Well, there’s nothing but white rice for dinner today but I’m feeling really icky and sick today so it’s fine. I’m just going to go to bed or maybe write a little and then sleep.

Probably won’t be online today again but send me asks or anything you want to share, please, I always like to wake up to something in my inbox.

So I spoke to some family members that generally ignore me for months on end and haven’t even remembered to so much as text me on my birthday for years. Suddenly they discover I’ll be in town and visiting them around my birthday (though I’m only going for my dad).

Relatives (compelled to ask this out of politeness): “Oh, you’ll be around? What you would like for your birthday?”

What I think: “Money. You don’t really know anything I like and wouldn’t approve of any of my hobbies anyway plus money is more valuable to me in my current situation so just give me money if that will help you feel better about all the time you conveniently ignore me and act like I’m the family’s pitiful black sheep whilst constantly pampering all my already very privileged and well-adjusted cousins.”

What I say: “Oh I can’t think of anything, don’t worry about it. Thank you for your kindness though. Shall I bake you some of that apple pie you like when I’m there?”


Commissions and services!

So here’s the deal- my part-time job as been terribly slow so I haven’t even been making enough to even eat nowadays, my family life and health are a gigantic mess and I’m likely to take a long time to get published (if I ever do) so I’m in dire need for funds to get by for the time being and I’m therefore opening up to commissions in terms of art, writing and services.

Here’s how it goes:


  • Sketches- 3$

(+1,50 for every added character)

  • Simple line art and/or shading- 5$

(+1,50 for an added character OR +5$ for NSFW with an added character) (Examples- x, x, x, x)

  • Colored chibis or busts- 7$

(+2,50 for an added character OR +5$ for NSFW with an added character) (Examples- x, x, xx, x)

  • Pencil portraits- 10$ for busts, 20$ for full body

(+5$ for every added character OR +8$ for NSFW with an added character) (Examples- x, x, x, x, x, x, x)



I can write fanfiction, OC fanfiction or small original stories so long as you provide the necessary information you want included.

I write NSFW and most kinds. I write gore. I write horror. I write tacky romance. I will write pretty much anything you want with very few exceptions.

Samples of my work can be found in my blog description links.

I also write companion shorts for fanart. 

In terms of fanfiction, depending on my level of knowledge of the fandom and/or characters I may or may not be comfortable writing particular points, please send an ask or fanmail about this beforehand. However, I have experience writing for Night Vale, Legend of Korra, Avatar- The Last Airbender, Inuyasha, Kill La Kill, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Rozen Maiden, Harry Potter and so on.

  • SFW Fanfiction and Original fiction- 5$ per thousand words

(but if you want a 10k fic I’ll make it 35$)

  • NSFW Fanfiction and Original fiction- 7$ per thousand words

(but if you want a 10k fic I’ll make it 45$)

To give you an idea, one thousand words is approximately two pages, single-spaced with a standard 12 point font size.



By services I mean mostly writing services (yes, I’m that desperate and since these are things I’m experienced with at work and might help other writers or students I don’t see the harm in offering here too).

  • Formatting documents or powerpoints- 2$ per 10 pages
  • Proofreading- 2$ per thousand words
  • Beta reading- 3$ per thousand words
  • Translation- 15$ per thousand words or negotiable prices for comics

I work fluently with English, Portuguese and Spanish.


I have a paypal donation button linked on my blog description for payments but PLEASE talk to me about the project before you even consider clicking that link.

Well, that’s the gist of things… I’d appreciate signal boosts for this post if you like my work.

Thank you for your attention.




Steve ‘did it hurt - a little’ Rogers


Don’t even start me on the fact he’s spent his whole life trying not to make a big deal of when he’s ill. He doesn’t want pity or sympathy. He doesn’t wanted to be treated like he’s weak. He doesn’t want to be looked down on because ‘he can’t take it’.

You only ever hear Steve Rogers scream once, and when he thinks people think he’s being weak, he stops and never screams again. Not unless you count the moment he sees Bucky fall to his death.

(Source: sabacc)

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